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tv   RT News  PBS  February 6, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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knew and new lulu little the scanned over and over an alleged phone conversation that it's only washington's reputation in ukraine as it sent diplomats to the swears there to mediate the political crisis the fever sweeping sochi with the torch relay now won the final leg before the opening ceremony of the twenty second winter day a british couple charged with money laundering go to court to fight extradition to the us they tell rt that being forced from their home which is just too much for them to bed. like this on
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line column will post a quick stop into the kinds of medicines. in countries or recoil as the assyrian war reaches the us and uk with her attorney extremists openly making threats against the home countries for the first time. the rapists are a scandal brewing is washington's real stance in ukraine may have read on the web an alleged phone conversation between us a second assistant secretary of state victoria new linen us ambassador to ukraine has appeared on youtube of let's get more from our t's marina for the last live for us in new york summary know what to do to allegedly discussed well what you hear these two high u s officials discussing is literally putting on members of the preteen opposition diet moving them around like as if they were
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playing chess on how to configure a new government in ukraine. the us ambassador to ukraine night jeffrey pie and then the us assistant secretary of state victoria the link where i try to figure out who won the bid would fit best in what position they said that i'll one of the opposition leader's nothing new is the guy with the economic pie experience and the task of governing experience that he's the guy that should be on the inside. when i would be also mentioned that klitschko another opposition leader and got not one more nights in a book that goes to you the two u s officials say that those are the guys that should remain outside of government they even referenced by klitschko as it got complicated electron in the end he died at the circumstance of creating a new government they hide the sad at the bench and even troubles that he's having in his maverick right now. how'd that could come into play with him having a role in the eu the newly formed the ukrainian government's they spoke about keeping the moderate democrats
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together they also spoke about the fact that they need to hide something to me qaeda planned stick once the ideal government is formed if it starts gaining altitude the medias some kind of but you know symbolism be taking you when i figure to coming to ukraine. i give a nod to its high base effect as it happened he said that the russians could come in and her peak hour. any plans the us is now putting in place within the ukrainian government. was there anything else significant in the recording. there was i and others significant probably the most controversial added part of the recording high is when they were discussing i need to have some personality to come out and pull up all night midwife this date the i'd be sad that i'd be rather have iu unofficial come in and help move this thing together and then in between noon and the assistant secretary of state to the u last time a dog very controversial
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comments about her european allies let's take a listen that would be great i think how good it came in at the un health clinic and email on the eu. sth sth. i so obviously that dion would create major headwinds i instantaneously after this reporting hate and due to blocked by the spokesperson for baghdad is signed state department i'd chance that he was fielding many questions at a press briefing. earlier on. on thursday. hi she said she insisted that i've missed you and actually apologized i too was someone not in the european union for the comments that she had me let's take a listen. in close contact with an eu high representative ashton also many convey that. she has been in contact with are you
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counterparts in and of course has apologized. but with his own. for these the reported comments of course are not confirming that the college are cute shoes. i'm just not in a state to private diplomatic conversation us our time but i'm obviously speaking tv content of the reports. miss at you and i know i see you soon start charging maintain a position and i that the us is not trying to hide to interfere with that ukrainians internal politics the screen internal politics. she insisted they viewed the us still believes that it's up to the ukrainian people to decide their future and determine their path well word holocaust he said that us officials have apologized for this conversation she also hasn't confirmed the opposite authenticity of this conversation when referencing the conversation that kind of language that was used on this out. he also had the family having killed about where this new link i've picked up by her were
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her words in her use of ideas for students with us. you may know the story of how she has lived on iraq saying the boat for about eight months and she was twenty three and she learned how to perfect perhaps certain words in a couple of languages so perhaps it speaks about more than a pervasive viewpoint of you not suggesting that she has a predisposition against russia. no i was suggesting that she learned russian curse words and curse words are needed. sitting with. see i was making a gel eyeliner in the resort on a fishing boat. the press briefing i was extremely heated i miss out he was getting torpedoed with with questions from the all the reporters in attendance about what the book how this conversation took place why the us is trying to on line to mind that this is that the ukrainians internal politics by the us is getting
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so involved on that with this story clearly is a shock for many that are falling by the ukrainian situation and now seeing how involved the u last night he is and how much of the world is trying to play in forming a new government obviously this is the beginning of the story of war may possibly come out in the coming days but after witnessing. all right greta thanks for that update. after years of planning instruction anticipation it's all come together in sochi lesson the day away from the official start of the games and thousands of spectators and visitors flooding the internet with their impressions from eating mascots to posing with the rings is clear that the spirit of the game is in the air. the city itself driving with the athlete to visitors and tourists joined now by the olympic flame finally on it's last leg of its journey has covered tens of thousand kilometers from the bottom of the world's deepest lake the top of europe's tallest peak hill and the capital where our keys martin and his cousin pasta one hundred and twenty
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two days the source is finally here in the saucy abby arrived yesterday tomorrow the one hundred and twenty three days will be complete i will make its way to the opening semi smart nights that i will be fourteen minutes plus of course percent for two fourteen. if you go back to two years ago we had the likes of david and i james collins and queen elizabeth the second he made appearances for his witty talking about who will be carrying that sports outsmart a run today we had stake in the broth. we had time to spot the icy prison he was also kind of flame wilson describes the set from the likes of them came in the job was to save the life lessons as well as famous but she says. musicians. we cooked up with the french take a stake that is what he had to say about the rising excitement here. it insults the area. we're in general i think the russians are very enthusiastic about sport and about the olympics though i a
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i expect them to play great hosts of the world and so far what i've seen has been very impressive. and i can't wait to get down to the venue soon see the competition began also the while i was astonished roundabout at the head comments of excitement surrounding the twenty fourteen wins out of the text. cinnamon vaccine same day as that of an act now to spend some of the slopes of the world and a candle in any position and i am going to bed at eight hundred people to experience this. the games actually stopped it. today was the robots because the reds wealth of new offense at that since the bike to the games in the twenty s and of course never spoken about what to put the toys and when that is like an episode of levels but where else to think that it's dead it's just like to talk about fortune telling. let's all start with a very interesting guests. we're going to lose his life
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changed forever. founded by his mother in russia's far east. seal pup was weak with hunger and vulnerable to predators. john says it's avoid going too soon. plus for three years. life is no trends will. this is the heart of course the mother shall i see all the stuff they say that he was abandoned at the top was rescued and to . italian comfort food for the winter and thinks he can in one of the animals could be predicted. fourteen home comics was he a snowflake and thinks might be to make a splash with spectators threw me into olympics. he's already predicted a few football matches. however he's not always correct. only ninety nine percent of the time window. only lead to this was the first of his coins. he made international headlines during his career as a sports and psychic
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correct in predicting eleven to thirteen for whom much is still a consortium whose humankind will have a similar success rates and also a belief that often difficult start in life. was he could become a favourite with the your voice. i hope. she isn't alone. still too little so that the number of the dolphins and even alter is displayed psychic tendencies. gold's penalty so cute. or was over a stimulant that spirit though a number of journalists had been tweeting of the less savory aspects of the city they've been fighting but after installing a different story from admiring their view to praise elliptical top notch facilities. we spoke with a number of journalists though our eyes so she including the cbc broadcaster douglas dillon and who told us that many of the issues are key things being overbought anytime you try to do a
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project this big by throwing out an olympic games in a city that really that was very very small before before they decided that the olympic games are going to come here there's going to be one or two challenges of view the hotel's i didn't expect them to be finished but everyone in the area is working very very hard to fix these issues at everest course is also very very nice i've been very very helpful the problem is we're not actually in the location we need to see a few photos that we did perhaps that over twitter in there there's a few things people start to develop their ideas and when you put those things together kind of paints a picture of negativity but i think honestly i would for my experience here the of the negativity is a little bit overblown and of course all the volunteers here have been absolutely fantastic working out with us the foreign media and helping us. and of course after tomoro when the opening ceremonies happening. i think all of that will be behind us all the attention hopefully will focus on the athletes and sports as opposed to
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the living accommodations of journalists which in the end that it is a privilege to come here and cover the games one of the central issues that has dogged the lead up to the olympics is the issue of gay rights in russia. head over to you now to discuss this all with underneath me going on a new york based director for the institute of democracy and cooperation you for joining us so homosexuality is legal in a rush of why they didn't seem that now was a good time for russian officials to introduce this long especially with the game so close ari nri thing that did this there alone does not think of though neither olympics. you are in line with the gays in general because this is a lot of problem. russia is trying to push to get in cos all of it the russian nation on and rush them stayed around some radios. this man is a conservative the limits of this moment of the mother russia doesn't like a liberal than that but i went on to a
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liberal in the summer and is credited to them and i miss mets who i know this is one of them. those times and family ties. the money for the state from the snow has stayed down there identity of the cult of the interrogation on monday and incense or i should go to this. what do i call court was told to turn them from other parents and family man. mr downer is and that's why does present for them to mention lifted the lord and this is the same policy in many places in england and several states in the united states to discourage illegal to deal with journey in our prohibits advocacy of homosexuality and it didn't create any problem in the towns and to lend american olympic tea and lunch to salt lake city to participate in the land. no once the games begin you expect the spotlight to shift to the sport athletes or do
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you think this issue will still loom over the games. i think i would let go of course and such it up with cocoa sport for the ouster of then donned their sexual orientation. but i hope that there because organizers and president himself said that you are welcome. independent to your gender or religion mr t is on sexual orientation are welcome to participate. i think the organizers will do their best in our bed to let everybody to feel comfortable and i hope that this issue is not going to spill over. so for people who want their voices to be rebuilt what better for him. is there then the olympics to make a statement. and after that
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the day doing that ever were i think the russian media is very open. conte tomato man a statement in less than impressed that. russian media is totally under the control of the of independent said no sprinklers and attendant in the chapels. and all these problems are in discussion and i don't think that there must be some special places and special events in order to raise this question and we discussed openly. for people who want to be heard. do you think the kremlin will yield on this issue with protests happened during the games i don't think that i was five ten pm and the president of naral and the international olympic committee mentioned at the olympics and of the play is far to politics i'd don't think that
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the nirvana did some monitors patients can descend but he loved it. some the answer them. oh how could i go to bed and it's going to overshadow all the rest of the olympics. it could be a sound single events. and i don't end the day the map and a serious theme park on all the process of olympics. mr mcgrady on to give her time well the clock on air and online stay with us for our coverage from so she bring you all everything from the rinks to the slopes online and on our website rte odd dot com we have a special section twenty fourteen guys are too dark. i sent one to fourteen promises. they are now i make every now and i'm
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the best of all it was too salty twenty four. all the arts. sheridan nose and asian conflicts around the world but particularly in syria to observe an olympic truce details on that. after a short book. i am. if any of these academic. when an awful lot of that. we all sang night at the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them. what can be
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though. your aunties today on rover's future. i . spirit of the sochi games might offer warring sides in syria some respite russia urged all those involved in conflicts around the world emphasizing syria to sign an olympic troops to stop violence at least for the duration of the day. but the situation in the conflict zone seems to worsen daily consequences being felt far and wide hundreds of europeans to join the fight is syria return home alarms being the rays of her brain back with them. a group of extremists with british passports were fighting in the middle eastern war zone
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not threatening to carry out terror attacks back in the uk already spreading the virus of extremist propaganda issuing posters urging people to join their cause. among their targets transport networks financial centers not just in the uk one of the pictures showing the white house as well. he's laura smith has more from one isn't that fast and direct threat to fire three days that we have seen that have come out too thin add that threats to attack transport to attack by the actual cents as of now and has an estimated hundredth goal for instance that hercules hottest brett oakley status area. according to a confident studies that have beamed on its militants put tinsel that they are the base units that around three hundred and fifty according to the scoping studies that we found that the toll to three hundred belgians more than two hundred ii each from france and germany to read about a hundred and fifty fight to keep going from the netherlands to syria. at this point that when talking about embrace and it is a
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great cool dry at alto weekly has a point as to how discreet faction in syria they've got the space that hates. i made the she beast to act on the line that maybe they can take a look at that face that page which is quite shocking thing at stake. i'm a bad that the priest is that they have pasted these motivational paste is that we're talking about are accompanied by a new light on the face but requests to be typed by various people and no this is coming to a building site at the number of other developments for itself to us in the agency is saying that it's received reports that al qaeda has set up they had a nice area specifically to train like this to a tottenham to that in countries to have cupcakes at terror attacks adding that in countries and u k it wasn't so hard to say that taking these threats very seriously indeed. commentator john white thinks britain's policy mr smith contributed to a rise of extremism is here. this alarming connelly
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pants is entirely predictable and i think the house to be taken seriously this is official but disasters polish people by the turkish government which take up to city over the last two years which is conducting a step stool and stability throughout the region and within that instability has going on pearl street in the light in idyllic you fall into the contest all the petitions city governments on all antagonistic. he actually received. as to defeat this maligned idyllic because it isn't clear because the danger that not only to the sitting government entire region. but increasingly to the west. two people in the west. british couple facing a battle to avoid extradition to the us charged with embezzling more than a million dollars the toolbar key stats are silly or they'd rather take their own lives and leave their family. one morning fourteen months ago a life changing knock on
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the door with two policemen from coming on nicely when i was going to randomly come to rescue a new husband. since then they've been out on bail and are fighting extradition to the united states to await trial after claims from the governor's former company in the u last debate and basil more than one million dollars in a legitimate expense claims. something the couple say they are without merit. schilling is evidence that they've gathered that the decision not afraid of file but there were feared being sent to the states is the possibility of being denied bail at spending he has behind bars apart from one another simply waiting for the day before he flew away from the comfort suites tunes on my father's ninety four for two counts of you who are lined with comfort him we would win. because we are innocent. we would end the but the tide is no compensation in cases of wrongful expedition. mom can you imagine coming back to this country. in korea for
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years like that. not on my money my job. i knew now made in the next sixty to sixty years by age. in trying to rebuild her life and kind controversy has lots of out of the us uk extradition act of two thousand re signed in the wake of nine eleven critics claim he needed to supply as it gets to the uk you access it from one to fight the uk government you have a higher standard of evidence that you need to provide in the us. also as the u s citizen you have a tendency to go to the u s court to plead your case and accomplished for purchases since there is no such opportunity. have you all at the cars tested in the uk court for you it's connected they become friends and family zealand twenty eleven found it to equal does not operate in an unbalanced matter. but this contradicts findings of the parliament's joint committee on human rights which called for a renegotiation to cure british citizens get the same
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protections as americans conservative mp who sits on the committee to look the nationalities of those extradite did and found a thirty five britons had been sent to the us sixty thousand for versus despite the us nationals who made the opposite journey. that's seven times more but for every argument on this side of the atlantic the counter is thrown back the treaty where i got a couple requests to god a relationship that i would take it down. this little comfort to the thomas and others like them to teeter on the edge of desperation knowing it's their lives at stake. from the mind and i put this on applying home will post a good fist of it into the can't miss inside. my sister is still the rt london now to some other stories making global headlines this hour transport chaos leaving london for the second day with millions facing delays
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due to a workers' strike in the underground with most patients out of action commuters have had to stay home or face massive line of buses and overcrowded trains unions declared the strike over plans to close ticket offices in africa. hundreds in yemen march to the country's capital sunnah expressing anger against a gas deal between the government and french oil company the towel the section headed by force by nobel prize winner telescope carmen protesters chanting anti corruption slogans experts say yemen's economy severely hurt by the deal signed under the leadership of the country's former president. i i i. knew. he wanted. will we choose just three days. it was for many years. in twenty oh eight and
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its brightness of this trial what i'm talking to him. i know. i might add with a white woman. think about. guy i did. to this. do
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the awful as it gets complex the workers league was the last amazon reinforced what it is today. brazil has an ambitious plan to grow its economy. but many believe that puts the amazon basin for regrets. i would say that we are in tp. very important time the money. a group picture. into force of this the reports. the consequence when asked for two people only one cctv america
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the rule. old. do i. i do. i use. and i. i knew the two eye. lee. been moved
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movement . eye. this is the holidays every year. and i'm trying to get to be with us with security already trying to downplay the terror warnings from washington the study and prepare for friday's opening with your left. the sewage into law gives government officials control over who has access to water on the wet. opening night stand between allah and be joining our correspondent don't have a red card


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